Friday, 3 June 2011

An Interesting Story...

An Interesting Story...

Two cats decide to marry.

They had a sweet married life

They got their first baby
And the second

First step for their babies

Mother worked hard for her family needs

and the father gets to play and has a girlfriend

The children's grow up without care and became bad boys

One of them became terrorist

The other stay in night clubs

and decided to kill himself out of depression

When dad heard that, he got heart attack

Mum lost her mind and became crazy

Moral: Give time to your family
" Life was much simpler when APPLE & BLACKBERRY were just fruits"

P/s: My bos forward this to me. Hehehe... Share kat sini coz nampak chomell jer gambo kucing-kucing tu. Hahaha

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..gugu.. said...

waaaaa sume cute2 lerrr ... ;)